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Fernando Brasil, Executive Chef, Mississauga Convention Centre

Having been born on the small island of St. Jorge, Azores, Fernando developed an early love for unique climate and excellent produce, fruits and wine. At the tender age of 7, Fernando began to develop an appreciation for cooking, as he watched his mother and grandmother spend countless hours in the kitchen preparing their traditional family recipes.

Fernando worked at many restaurants, crossing from Toronto to Hamilton, until he decided to formalize his training and attend George Brown College and graduated with a diploma in Culinary Arts and achieved his Red Seal Certification.

Fernando‘s resume highlights a number of prestigious hotels and catering companies during his career at places such as:

  • Chef Saucier at the Sheraton Hotel, Hamilton
  • Chef Saucier at the Bristol Place Hotel, Mississauga
  • Restaurant Chef at the Skyline Hotel
  • Sous Chef at the King Edward Hotel
  • Executive Sous Chef at the National Trade Centre
  • Executive Chef at the Congress Centre

When traveling, he makes a point to sample all sorts of dishes—from a corner pub’s specialty chicken wings to the finest foie gras in the most renowned restaurants. Fernando has a keen talent for adding his own unique twist to a traditional dish.

Fernando’s goal is to fuse the best of both worlds—to create food that is appealing to the eye and the palate.


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