Marriage is a time honoured institution and the wedding ceremony itself is full of symbols and traditions that come down to us from the ages – sometimes from unexpected sources.

Did you know?

  • While white has always been the colour of choice for wedding parties in Japan, in Europe and North America, the white wedding gown was first worn and popularized by Queen Victoria in 1840. Prior to that date, a bride simply wore her best fancy dress.
  • In Asia, brides and grooms will wear robes that have been embroidered with cranes, which symbolize faithfulness and fidelity.
  • The wedding veil comes to us from ancient Greece and Rome, where brides wore them to protect themselves from evil spirits.
  • The engagement ring is worn on the ‘ring finger’ – fourth on the left hand – because at one time people believed that a vein in the ring finger led directly to the heart.
  • The engagement ring itself as we commonly know it – made of precious metal and adorned with diamonds – first became a custom among Venetians of the upper classes in the 15th century.

It doesn’t matter where you get the inspiration for your own wedding ceremony or traditions, what matters is that your special day becomes your dream come true. That means a lot of planning and paying attention to all the details from the dress and the flowers to the right wedding venue for your reception. If you’re just starting to plan your own wedding, where do you start?

Here’s a hot tip:

Begin with a theme and/or a colour scheme.  One can certainly suggest the other – like deep reds and golds for an autumn wedding or classic black and white for a winter wedding ceremony. Deciding on the overall theme will help to iron out the details and make sure that everything – from bridal party fashions to flowers and décor – goes with everything else.

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