Culinary Masterpieces Are what we create.

Meet Chef Fernando Brasil

Having been born on the small island of St. Jorge, Azores, Fernando developed an early love for unique climate and excellent produce, fruits and wine.

At the tender age of 7, Fernando began to develop an appreciation for cooking, as he watched his mother and grandmother spend countless hours in the kitchen preparing their traditional family recipes.

Fernando worked at many restaurants, crossing from Toronto to Hamilton, until he decided to formalize his training and attend George Brown College and graduated with a diploma in Culinary Arts and achieved his Red Seal Certification.

Fernando‘s resume highlights a number of prestigious hotels and catering companies during his career. When traveling, he makes a point to sample all sorts of dishes—from a corner pub’s specialty chicken wings to the finest foie gras in the most renowned restaurants. Fernando has a keen talent for adding his own unique twist to a traditional dish.

Fernando’s goal is to fuse the best of both worlds – to create food that is appealing to the eye and the palate.

Social Menus

For weddings, birthdays and every other special occasion, we’ve got a wide range of wonderful foods for you to choose from. Please explore our menus below, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions relating to our selection of foods.

Social Wedding Planner | Download PDF

Baptism Portuguese | Download PDF    Baptism Italian | Download PDF

Shower Menu – Brunch and Enhancements | Download PDF

Shower Menu – Portuguese  | Download PDF

Shower Menu – Italian  | Download PDF

Rental Package – With Off-premise Catering | Download PDF

Corporate Menu

Whatever kind of corporate event you’re working on, the staff at the Mississauga Convention Centre are here to ensure your group receives on the very best in culinary excellence. Browse our menus below or contact us for more information.

Corporate Menu | Download PDF

Prom Menu | Download PDF

Holiday Lunch Menu | Download PDF

Holiday Dinner Menu | Download PDF

South Asian

We understand the needs of our South Asian clients. We have been servicing these events for over 15 years and we are very familiar with the various cultural celebrations.

We have the honour in executing bright bold coloured events with the aromatic foods to tantalize the senses. We do permit off premise catering for this type of cuisine, you can choose from one of our four recommended catering companies or if you have one of your preference you can use them as well.

We have customized bar service packages to choose from to assist your budget and create ease of planning your event. Please inquire with our social sales department to inquire about pricing and availability.

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