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On the small island of St. Jorge, Azores, Fernando was born into a world of unique climates, fresh produce, delicious fruits and savoury wines. Carefully watching his mother and grandmother spend hours in the kitchen using fresh, local ingredients, to prepare their traditional family recipes, his appreciation of cooking was ignited at just seven years old.

After working at several restaurants, he formalized his training at George Brown College, graduating with a diploma in Culinary Arts, and achieving his Red Seal Certification. This led to roles at several prestigious hotels and catering companies, throughout Hamilton and Toronto.

With only the finest ingredients, preferably sourced locally to support the community, Chef Fernando infuses his dishes with inspiration from different cultures. His delectable menus cater to a broad range of tastes, while his constant attention to food and cooking trends keeps his cuisine innovative and original.

Fernando’s favourites

With his beginnings in French cuisine, it’s no wonder that it’s also Chef Fernando’s favourite food. But, he always makes a point of sampling local features during his travels, from a corner pub’s specialty chicken wings to a renowned restaurant’s finest foie gras. He spends his spare time with family and friends, experimenting with new dishes that allow him to explore unique fusions of flavours. 

Blending expertise with client needs

When composing menus, Chef Fernando works directly with clients to ensure he captures their desires, while adhering to any dietary restrictions, allergies or customizations. He enjoys infusing unique themes into his cooking style (such as “roaring 20s” or “Vegas”), by incorporating dishes and flavours from various eras or events. When it comes to the overall dining experience, Chef Fernando’s goal is to impress his guests with a meal that is both appealing to the eyes and an exciting journey for the palate.

Cooking—with a modern twist

Chef Fernando’s cuisines take inspiration from many corners of the world, including South Asian, French, Polish, German, Italian, Arabic, Portuguese and more. His unique ability to fuse various flavours and textures ensures an exceptional, one-of-a-kind culinary experience for his guests—making for an unforgettable occasion or event. 

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